FB Ads Challenge

Start Making Money Using Facebook Ads - a Beginners Guide in 5 Days or Less

This Facebook Ads Beginners Guide includes 5 Training Videos which cover the folowing:

  • Set up your Business Manager - Why you must do it the right way and should not use your personal ad account!
  • Create your Ad Account in Business Manager and why you might need more than 1 account.
  • Add your Facebook Pixel to your website to help you make the most out of your Facebook advertising.
  • Set up your Custom Audiences to optimise the benefits of your website traffic for retargeting purposes.
  • Create your Perfect Link Ad to get more exposure to your content and drive traffic to your own website!
5 Day Facebook Ads Challenge


FB Ads Challenge


Emma Burford

Emma Burford is a supportive, dedicated business woman who loves to help entrepreneurs and small business owners, promote their services socially via online networking and digital marketing. Founder & Publisher at www.BusinessRocks.co